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ProtocolX is here to change the game by implementing an ever-developing, expanding, and growing ecosystem that all feeds into each other.

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AutoCompouding Protocol
ProtocolX $PTX begins as a 1.77% daily auto-rebasing token. What does that mean? Once you buy the token, it will begin to automatically rebase in your wallet. No work to do to make the magic happen!

Just by simply holding the $PTX token in your wallet, you will receive rebases every 30 minutes that are directly and immediately added to your wallet (no claiming required).

Sustainable Emissions Model (SEM)

Once per 30 days, APY will be reduced by 10% from the previous month. This allows for the token to continue to maintain positive price action pressure while the PTX token rebases with a flexible supply. This will continue each month for 12 events, ending with a fixed .5% daily yield rate (rebasing every 30 minutes).

What do we mean by this? While it is not a classical “halving” in the sense of daily yield being reduced by 50%, it is a means of reducing emissions rate over time in a structured and predictable means in order to maintain growth of the protocol.

Historically speaking, these types of emissions models to promote sustainability have inspired genuine growth in market cap and token price.

Long-term sustainability and transparency is a priority for ProjectX. As reductions in increasing supply are implemented, the more the positive price action variables can push the token price action.

While we are not BTC and certainly have different tokenomic variables, the economic theory of reducing minted token yield is sound and proven in finance.


The entirety of all PxBB (ProtocolX Buy Back) funds go to buybacks of X-Share NFTs and the PTX token, providing them both with a direct deflationary pressure.


Owning a ProtocolX NFT chest (XShare) is your direct share to the company's revenue stream as a whole. This includes a revenue share model from the NFT Marketplace, ProtocolX, and any other future developments under the ProtocolX umbrella.


We will implement farming and liquidity pools for single-stake XSWAP to earn wPTX, and vice versa. Farm token (XSWAP) with a variable APR to coincide with a fixed emissions rate (5B tokens emitted per year over 10 years, max supply of 50B XSWAP)


Implement the DEX and platform. This will allow us to utilize fees to conduct buybacks, burns, and other revenue streamlining methods for the advancement of the protocol. We can also directly partner with other protocols, hosting pre-sales and providing a platform for new or established protocols.


ProtocolX Treasury


The ProtocolX Treasury will be invested in various DeFi protocols with varying levels of risk in addition to being reinvested back directly into the ProtocolX parent company in order to maintain everlasting growth of the entirety of the protocol.


Profits generated from the ProtocolX treasury investments are reinvested back into the treasury, utilized for buybacks/burned, and utilized directly to facilitate additional growth of the protocol


Liquidity Pairs are very important for maintaining the fundamental aspects of the token and controlling price movement. Due to this being such an important aspect, 20% of pre-sale funds (in BNB) will be distributed to Liquidity Pool for Day 1.

Tokenomics of ProcotolX


Initial token supply

PTX will have a variable supply, meaning it will continue to increase with the rebase token model.

Max Supply

There is no max supply for PTX built in at launch.

Growing Protocol

Allowing the token to have positive price action pressure is very important to the long-term

Price Action

ProtocolX will solve this potential inflationary conflict via multiple means: Buy/Sale fees that support the token and protocol / ProtocolX Buyback Burn system / Sustainable Emissions Model (SEM) (10% reduction in APY each month) /

Buy Fees

Buys Fees: 13%: 3% to BBB fund 3% to Liquidity 5% to Treasury 2% to XShare

Sell Fees

Sell Fees: 18%: 3% to BBB fund 5% to Liquidity 8% to Treasury 2% to XShares

Distribution of Tokens

Initial supply

50m PTX

Liquidity Tokens

15m PTX

Pre-Sale Allocation

20m PTX

Team Distribution

5m PTX

ProtocolX NFT holder allocation

5m PTX

Treasury Allocation (Marketing)

5m PTX



How will ProtocolX be different than the other rebase-style protocols?

ProtocolX understands the main issues that rebase and auto-staking protocols have run into. Generally speaking, inflation and lack of innovation and growth lead to an eventual demise. Here at ProtocolX, we actively combat inflationary aspects on multiple fronts, innovate and adapt to DeFi trends with growth aspects (farms/pools, staking, DEX, XShares), and will advance the ecosystem with multiple and diverse cryptocurrency and real-world innovations.

How will you burn tokens?

ProtocolX will implement token burns by various mechanisms. From the beginning, a portion of all buy and sales fees go into a pool that is 100% utilized to conduct burns. As the protocol develops, there will be a lottery system for token burns, NFT mechanism for token burns, investment/bot trading strategy for token burns, and manual token burns from the team/treasury.

How can you help the token price be sustainable?

ProtocolX is inherently an inflationary token, as it does not have a fixed supply and rebases add to the total supply. By utilizing burns and the Sustainability Emissions Model (APR decreases by 10% per month for 12 months until it hits a .5% daily APR), ProtocolX is able to put a positive price pressure action on the token price.

What is the benefit of having a XShare NFT?

XShare NFTs are your way to get a piece of the revenue from all aspects of ProtocolX, now and into the future. From the rebase protocol, 2% of the buy fees and 2% of the sales fee go directly to a pool that is distributed to XShare NFT holders. As this protocol grows and we create additional revenue streams, XShares will continue to increase in their reward potential overtime.

How do I begin?

Getting involved in ProtocolX is quite simple! Ensure you are connected to the Binance Smart Chain, enter our XSWAP dex or the contract address on PancakeSwap, and set slippage to 15% for buys and 20% for sales, and exchange BNB or BUSD for PTX.

Q3 2022

  • Build phase
  • Develop and implement
  • ProtocolX contract
  • dApp/Dashboard
  • DEX Swap
  • Farming/Staking platform
  • Publish Official Whitepaper
  • Develop and Launch
  • Website interface
  • PR Marketing
  • (YouTube/Twitter/etc.)
  • Airdrop to $XSWAP
  • ProtocolX Live Phase
  • Fair pre-sale launch on PinkSale
  • Launch of XShare
  • Application for CoinMarketCap & CoinGecko listings
  • Additional YouTube marketing campaign
  • Develop and establish partnerships (pre/post launch)
  • Develop and implement wrapped PTX
  • Introduce crypto farming for XSWAP token
  • Investing Treasury funds in varying levels of risk
  • Single Staking of XSWAP
  • XSWAP Lottery system
  • ProtocolX Node/PTX burn mechanisms implemented

Q4 2022

  • Expanding the ProtocolX Ecosystem
  • Introducing gamification systems to promote the
  • PTX/XSWAP token
  • Initial development of
  • ProtocolX Blockchain
  • Integration of a NFT Marketplace with ProtocolX
  • Hosting project pre-sales with DEX
  • Development of additional farm/staking on ProtocolX dApp
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We aspire to delevop a large-scale ecosystem that is the future of decentralized finance. Having one basic formula or business model in a protocol opens the opportunity for significant failure points, often reliyingon one avenue for growth and development.

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